🌲Tuesday /Appics LOMO Filter: Be Like A Tree, Stay Grounded...🌳💪 Love From B ...

in appics •  20 days ago  (edited)

... eautiful British Columbia Canada, Have A Great Week Everyone! ❤️🌳💪🌲🥰


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Cool filter. Looks like you are falling lol

Lol, the 3 trees are up on the hill from behind my house so I just need to look up and they look so big standing right on the edge!!

It's amazing.

Thanks for your awesome Reply!

Looks so fresh and lovely!

Thanks for your kind comments!

Great photo and yes stay grounded 😀👍🙏

Always my friend! Thanks for your kind reply!👌🌳🌲

Send us a little snow to Bavaria🤣👍

Haha, you can have it all, lol!


Ethan Klein would be proud of that floofa

Thank you!

hey I like this filter👌🏽