trying to not get diabetes. 😜

Lol! My brother is diabetic and lives them, lol everything in moderation!

I think I need some Smarties now

They’re a good chocolate treat for summer with there protecting candy coating. Thinking of you in the frozen North as I sit here sweating in front of a fan.

Haha, thanks my friend, always nice to see you, I know its very hot there this time of year, lots of forest fires! Take care my friend, stay safe and Cool!

We had some bad fires close by a few months back but the terrible ones making the news are over 1000km South but we still had weeks of smoke from them. Good news is some rain is falling in the fire grounds but they’re not out of danger yet.

Well thats good to hear! We see it all on the news but I wish they would show a map of exactly where the fires are.

Check out this BBC page. It has a really good overview of this bushfire event.

Ok thanks, when I get over onto Steemit I will check it out, im on my Appics App right now on the cell phone.

Its still in testing stage so theres some stuff we cant do yet.

I think people have a different last one colour.