🌱Appics Stay Home Challenge! My Seedlings Are Getting So BIG! 🌱 Happy to be home ...

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... Gardening, it's so much fun to see them grow so fast everyday, Lol! They Have totally taken Over Our Kitchen Table in the Camper hahaha!🌱🍅🌶️🧅🍆🧄🥔🥕
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Happy Tuesday Everyone, hope you are all finding plenty to do while Staying Home! Our Homestead is an hour from town up in the mountains of Southern British Columbia Canada, and is only half built, so we have no shortage of things to keep us busy lol, Like finishing up my Seed plantings so they are ready by mid May to plant outside as we have a very short growing season, hope you like my pics, I can't wait to plant them outside!





IMG_20200331_190037 (1).jpg


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you have a green thumb 😁

Thanks 😊 its so much fun watching them grow!!

Its so cool to watch them grow, I Love It!! Thanks for your kind reply!

They are looking good Karen. Now all we need is some warm weather.

Sooo true, in 2 or 3 more weeks hopefully , up here in the mountains we plant 2 weeks later then in Kelowna.

Wow, that is awesome. I miss having a backyard 🌴🙌🍃🥑

Thanks 😊 I cant wait to start planting them!

No covid19.. Yes grovid20 😀😀

Haha, Yes Indeed!

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