🍳 Sat. Protein Breakfast! Hashbrowns & Roast Beef with 2 Free Range Eggs + 2 Toast! ...

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What a great way to kick off a very busy weekend with a Big Protein packed breakfast with tasty free range eggs and left over roast beef fried with the hashbrowns. It was delicious and will keep me going all day long! Thanks for stopping by , your support is much appreciated in these slow times on Steemit!

Check here for all the health and nutrition facts of Delicious Free Range Eggs!:






Photos taken this morning On My Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone
Check my new phones Specs. Here:



That looks like heaven

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It was delicious! Thanks for your kind reply!🍳😋

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Awesome thanks 😀🙋

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Mmmm, love a nice big breakfast!!😋🍳

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