♨️Breaking News: Flames Fully Engulf Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris! ( Photos inside) ♨️

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PHOTO: Francois Guillot/ Getti inages

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Even if you are not religious, you need to check your pulse if this devastating news does not affect you in some way watching as this Beautiful Historical Landmark burns down...




This is devastating news as the world famous land mark the Notre Dame Cathedral in the french capital of Pairs is currently fully engulfed in flames, with hundreds of years of history up n smoke while part of this building was under a 6 million dollar renovation.






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Check out this link For much more on this devastating news story:



Today we can feel the sadness, tomorrow will be the rage of the french people what we will see in the tv. An absolute disaster.

Yes it is very sad right now and most likely caused from the current renovation that was underway as I stated in my post. For sure an absolute disaster to this historical and magnificent landmark .😳😢🙏

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The world is in mourning with this very devastating and sad news, thanks so much for your kind reply and prayers...❤🙋🙏

i can‘t say in words how much i hate it, how evil has the world has become

They believe the fire was started where it's being renovated, but are currently investigating.

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Hope that the reason was really the renovation 🙏

ME TOO! With all thats going on these days we will have to wait and see, sadly enough...🙏

Wow 😮😢😢

Very sad indeed...😢🙏

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What a photo! Did you shoot it?

Haha, no of course not, I live in Canada, all the photographers are listed or mentioned in my post on Steemit, if you are just looking at the photo on Appics you can't see the full posting on Steemit with all the photos. 👍👍👍

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