🏆⛳ Today's Top News: Tiger Woods Wins The Masters 2019! His 5th. After 14 Years! ...

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What a fantastic day for Tiger Woods! This was his 5th. Win at The Masters in Augusta Georgia, and his 15th Major Victory moving him to within 3 of Jack Nicklaus's Awesome record!
Check out the complete story here!:


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He hold his composure by chewing a gum in the second back nine.
Molinari collapsed by throwing the ball in the water.
Tiger was calm and determined.
Happy for him.
I think Augusta is in Georgia.
Keep on postin

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Thanks @pouchon for your awesome reply, so right about "Staying calm and determined!" It was an awesome sight to see! and your right it is in Georgia, I have no idea why I typed that, lol, (fixed now) they were lucky they missed the tornados in that region with several in Atlanta I heard about on the news!👍👍👍

I so happy he won. It was well deserved.

Yes for sure! thanks for your kind reply!👍⛳

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