🥢Fresh Sweet Peppers & Red Onions For My 1st. Chinese Stir Fry! 🥢 😋 DELICIOUS! ...

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... 😋 So Colorful, Fresh, Healthy and Delicious!


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All Photos Taken On My New Google Pixel 2 XL Cell Phone
Check my new phones Specs. Here:


Check Out The Full Post Here with Lots Of Delicious Photos, Thanks!:



you made spring rolls too? went all out👍👍

Thanks for your awesome reply, actually in the post I did previously I mentioned a friend of ours made them! She sent 5 with my boyfriend from Beaverdell for my dinner with my 2 sons as well, I will have to get her recipe and make them sometime, they were so delicious! She makes like 200 or something at a time then only partially bakes them and vaccum seals them then freezes them. All i had to do was deep fry them for about 5 minutes and done nice and crispy!! Mmmmmm! 😋😋😋🍜

oh sorry I missed that, lucky! nice of her to send some your way I imagine they're 10x better than store bought.

DEFINITELY! Its in the post I did earlier today but I didnt really explain it all there , lol! 😋

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