The Fog... Or is it smog? Yes, I will keep bringing it up until things change. ...

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... Someone I respect (rip) once said that if you can't do something about it - then talk about it. Bring it to attention. If you can't even talk about it - then at least think about it so that it can change your own behavior towards the better side of things. Awareness is key, I personally don't wear a set of pink glasses. Korea's got issues, smog is one of them. As an outside observer, it's even easier for me to see the flaws and perfections about this country, because I have a fresh pair of eyes. Does that make sense?

Anyways, there are times when I want to start a blog and focus on all things negative about the place where I live at the moment and kind of bring that forward instead of trying to always show only the posivite sides, covering the dirt. I might start doing that. Photography on local dirt. Document what the politicians and society don't want you to see about their pond. That could be interesting.


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Dude, I hear you. Here too. Japan has many many issues. Most expats here focus on the racism and I actually think the cries of JAPANESE RACISM are way way too much. White boys getting carried away with being a minority for the first time in their life, seeing racism where none exists. But there are many other issues that are ignored. Pollution is one. All the litter is another. Yes, littering in the country is a big problem, despite the PR image in all the guidebooks of streets so clean and tidy you could eat off them. There is a lot of rape that even when reported to police is ignored. Molestations on trains are super common. etc etc.

I try to adopt a balanced approach. If someone is blasting Japan unfairly, I offer defense (if there is defense to offer), and if they are heaping praise like a fanboy, I try to deflate that a little with some facts in the opposite direction.

I hear you so much.