Any book clubs here on steemit? I'm big on audio books (saves time, allows me to ...

in appics •  3 months ago

... run and listen etc) and this book here is THE Truth.

For authors of their arts that face writer's block, this book gives you a clear idea of what to do when you're stuck in the middle of your creative road.

It is almost as effective as the book on how to quit smoking by Allen Carr, which I also read through when I needed it most. Beautifully written and inspirational, this is my book of the year.

I'm ready to put it to the test and see how the advice found inside can help me in real world application. After the somewhat disastrous hf20 hard fork, this post serves as a testament to the effectiveness of the contents of this book, seeing how I was reluctant to produce anything for my blog the last couple of days. 😂 What are you guys reading these days?


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@kaliju, currently i am reading myself🙂, because it's reflecting as i am walking on the path of MANA but yet to find the MANA. Jokes apart, sometimes it's really important to deep dive into some books which interests us, specially Biographies because in that way we can understand the life aspects more closely.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Saludos @kaliju, gracias a Dios mejoró Steemit algo y ahora podemos comentar y votar regularmente y en estos dias estuve leyendo varios articulos de opinión y por supuesto aprovechando el tiempo libre para escribir algo que espero compartir con ustedes en la comunidad

Hi friend it's Emmy from steemjet...
Take a look at my latest release for steemjetrecords.... Hope you like it.

hola@kaliju,ya steemit ha mejorado un poco que se puede votar ,comentar y publicar. Fueron diasmuy tediosos,pero escribí algunos post para ver si publico,aunque todavía hay algo de dificultad,saludos

I love reading books, but audio books, no, not for me, I feel like I am just wasting time, because I can't do anything else, when I listen then I need to concentrate and really enjoy my book, imagine the characters, events and sometimes I just reread a paragraph and go back and read the moments that I could not remember. I believe it would be to annoying with audiobooks.

My last book was "When breath becomes air" by Paul Kalanithi. One of my young colleague presented me for last X-mas. The book is written by a doctor who himself after finishing his all specialization found to have Lang cancer, so he describes his life path and it is really very emotional book. I really enjoyed it, normally I do not read such books but because it was a present I thought to give it a try and that was really great.

I have never listened to audio books though I love reading a lot. I think I will try after your post)