Remember how it was, what it was - so passionate, irrational, deeply in love and ...

in appics •  4 months ago

... empty minded of course,
that scent of rose gardens,
and the moonlight reading proses to us,
as we shifted poses, flames of pure love,
who can control this?
It's like I'm in a comatose - remembering your kisses,
I refuse to pause,
go on a little longer, make me tremble to your voice,
and in this dance I think we'll freeze in time,
'cause I don't think we have a choice...
no, I'm not your Romeo and you're definitely not Juliette, and yet...
Our love is so much bigger even if the rest forget - you free me like Tibet,
and with this feeling let the winds of time carry us to our sunset...


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Oh.. the photo of statues looks strange to me Korean, though it may not to the other countries' people.

The strange combination of Chinese Ming Dynasty male suit and Korea Chosun Dynasty female costume.

I came to read and learned to know the story and history of them and the name of the steet Silkworm street, DaeMyung-dong in Daegu city, Korea.

Very interesting.


Thank you for some information and the link - interesting indeed 👍

Amazing shot! I love the intricate statues, the contrast between black and white, and of course also the caption! 🙌👌


Thank you Josephine. @appics' UI inspires me to think poetically 💕

Bellas palabras @kaliju y es excelente el uso que le das a esta nueva aplicación "Appics." Y la escultura es majestuosa


"What are words but symbols of symbols, hence twice removed from reality" :)

Nice picture, hope to visit Korea one day.

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@kaliju, Literally speaking these lines are amazing and for sure love is Immortal essence and love hold so much power and it always make us strong no matter in what situation we are.

And these monuments are amazing to watch, and for sure Monuments never need the words because those are already their to tell the true stories.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative funny post!!

Awesome feelings very very decent work dear sir.

God bless you.