Back to the old school! I was a bald headed dude for most of my life and just recently ...

in appics •  5 months ago

... attempted to grow hair/beard.

Anyways, somehow it made me feel more tired. Something to do with blocking the cosmic energies that fuel me daily 😂

I decided to freshen up and come back to my OG style - and it feels good. My wife wasn't used to me in my wolverine state, so it's all for the better. I believe hair manipulation has an effect on us. For you guys and gals out there - can you imagine going bald? It takes balls, I must say. For me, the balls I needed was for reasons exact opposite - to grow hair.

I feel like a human being again. Weird. Shooouuu!


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I'm going to be sporting more then a few scares when I go bald. Just happy at 40 I still have a full head of hair. You pull off the bald guy look very well.


Its the monk in me trying to break free from the pressure of Korean society! Thanks for the compliment, I'll let my dome know you said that 😁👍

Looking good. I have to admit, you're one of the few that can truly pull of bald. The beard, either way is cool. I like facial hair as long as it's maintained, when it's mountain many, not sure LOL.


All or nothing! Thanks @tryskele, I'll keep it this way for now since it's not too scary 😂


I didn't think you were scary before LOL I have a friend his hair goes down to his tooshie and his beard is almost as long. I told him he needs a trim, that is just a bit too much. He can pull it off though

The Finnish word "kalju" means bald. Don't tell me you know Finnish, man. :D


Wow. That's...Quite a revelation! So interesting, I had no idea :D

Well yeah it sure does buddy to get bald or to grow hair for different person ;)

but yeah we should get comfortable with however we are :)


NOICE! I just Bic'd my dome as well!!! 😂😂😂


Awesome man, we're setting trends on steemit 😁

say what???????? No more beard? Now you look like a little baby.


Babies for the world! The beard goes away, but it always comes back...😂

Hey man you just gotta be yourself. Youll be so much freer that way. Ill join you soon because im looking to shave my head. Im losing hair anyways. We'll be like brothers yo


I gotta and I'm gonna! Join the #baldsteemians gang soon ☝️


shit i like that tag 😁

Todo lo que creamos que nos hace bien como por ejemplo dejarnos crecer o cortarnos el cabello o barba bienvenido sea @kaliju. Saludos y feliz dia

Hi dear sir, Good evening. Yes it's sometimes hurt if we loose our hair, one of my friend @atulsinghchauhan is facing the same issue and due to this few girls reject him and it's very disappointing situation for him, so he decided to grow them again clinically maybe it will give him solution of baldness.
I think you looks smart with your beard.
Take care dear sir.
God bless you.


There's no issue haha just wanted a new look 😎


Ohh! Really it's awesome look.
You looks very smart bro.

God bless you.

You are awesome reward my vote..

buen dia @kaliju,buen post y fotografia,saludos

Still looking amazing!! but I can't imagine myself as bald headed

Nice post and perfect @kaliju

I've tried to shave my head a few times, but the wife is opposed to the idea. Maybe in a few years when I start to go bald for real she will finally agree. ;)