We've come a long way, my little one! Let's say hello to our steemit nation and ...

in appics •  2 months ago

... continue our magical journey together! Everyday is a special day for us, let's keep it rollin'!

Steemit parents, you guys are solid!

And as for my solo-dolo people out there - enjoy your time and aim to join the best club there is - the family club, sooner or later. You won't regret it!

Good night fam.


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Such a cute boy he is @kaliju!

Where are you guys at? Your child is so cute!



This place is dedicated to selling mascot merchandise for Korea's largest chatting app - Kakao talk. ☺️


Cool! Looks like a really fun place to visit and buy things

Hey cutie our little heart of dear sir @kaliju

God bless you my baby.

I wish I'm the little boy there..

I want to join their

Eso es lo mejor que podemos hacer @kaliju cada vez que tengamos la oportunidad debemos de pasar tiempo de calidad con nuestros hijos. No creó haya algo mejor que eso

Hi @kaliju
A nice day, it seems you really enjoy it.
Keep the spirit and successful always for you😁

enjoy your time buddy :)


Hey he is cute...
Say my big hug for this little angel

Thanks for sharing my friend @kaliju.... Of course, i upvoted, you are awesome, keep steeming.. I am a female pianist and I do piano covers here on dtube. I hope you check out my channel @promisevictor . Since I am relatively new here, will love to HV as a mentor. Love you, you are awesome.

@kaliju, Tour of Father and Son, and your son's smile is telling that he is really happy and he is happily posing for the picture.

In my opinion, your son liked this giant welcoming Toy and he want to take it home for the lifetime.

Ha ha, good to hear the message and it's reflecting as you are welcoming everyone in the Sphere of family and yes, today or tomorrow everyone have to enter.

Really great to see this picture and this innocent smile is priceless and for sure i know that you will going to create great memories for sure.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

when i saw the kakao messenger for the first time back in college, i never guessed it would be this big! 😆

A sweet angel) God bless him!)

Your child is very sweet. Beautiful photo.