Every other weekend we get our fix of Boba Tea. Our favourite’s the Brown Sugar Milk ...

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... Boba but they had a promotion. Buy one of Brown Sugar Milk and you can buy either the Strawberry or the Matcha Boba for RM1. So we went for it but we didn’t like the new flavours much. The strawberry was a bit too sweet and the matcha was bland. But at RM1, it was worth a try.


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i heard that the brown sugar milk is the most popular atm , haven't tried it!

It is
We also joke about it being #diabetes...not that it stops us
If you have a sweet tooth... you gotta try it :)
Actually, even if you don't, give it a go to see what the hype is all about
It's crazy that there's close to 100 brands in the country ....

Omg so cheap!! Rm1??? That’s like 30cents here!

Do you get to choose less sugar and ice?

That was the promotional price
I think they were introducing it
My next time, I will go back to my favourite Brown Sugar Milk ...
I have never tried asking for less sugar because I have a sweet tooth and I go for the warm one... so that's no ice
Hmmmmm, I will try asking the next time and let you know but I have tried that at some other places and they oblige :... not all of them tough :D

Haha I see, here in Sydney they are health conscious so they will let you have no sugar, 25%,50% or full sugar haha