Hiding under my son’s towel from the sun. Another swim meet. Day 1 of two. Hour 3 ...

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... of 12 today. I am so gonna be fried.


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Oh no! I didn’t realize he took his classes outside. I had imagined an indoor pool for some reason.

Sometimes you’re out there early mornings, right?

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His classes are at an open air pool but it is at 5.15 am to 7 or 6.30pm to 8.30pm
But it is the swim comps
They are full days 12 hours at least
And there are parents who come super early to dib the best spots
I prefer sleep hahaha
This place has a roof but I am sitting in a corner and pretty much in the sun
Right now the sun is playing hide and seek
And if it does rain, I am going to have to squeeze in somewhere
The things mothers do 😊


Thanks for the picture ❤️❤️❤️

The things mothers do ...

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Oh, I love the sun because it helps me not be depressed; but I hate the sun because it turns me into a lobster! We did our trip to Austin this week and I was so sunburnt! My poor nose!!! haha. I was trying to hide under a sweater!

Stay beautiful!

@kaerpediem, Summer is almost arrived so swimming is great choice to stay cool. Enjoy and stay blessed.

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We don't have the four seasons, but yes it is nice to swim on a hot day...
Not that I swim ;p

Thank you @chireerocks :0


Welcome and have a great time ahead.