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I want to create more awareness about this amazing project ongoing that would soon change the fate of social media usage @appics

This informations were lifted from the whitepaper and the website too.

Users who spend their time and creativity, posting and voting on content are the source of revenue for any social platform. The users are like the engine of the network. Unlike on any other popular social media site, where 100% of the platform’s value goes to the shareholders, APPICS enables all users to earn a fair share, as well as influence in the network, through a cryptocurrency reward-token (XAP).

The concept addresses some of the core problems social networks are facing due to the reliance on advertising, as well as the issue of mass-adaptation blockchain-based projects haven’t resolved yet. APPICS is more than just a mobile APP that lets users monetize their posts and even their voting, “like”. APPICS is a revolutionary social mobile APP that lets anyone without prior crypto-knowledge benefit from blockchain technology effortlessly.


APPICS rewards its users for creating content and sharing their passion in form of pictures and videos. When you upload something, people can “like” your content - the “like” function acts like a lever - every “like” creates a monetary reward, which means you get paid directly from the support of others.

APPICS revolutionizes the concept of traditional social media by offering currency as an incentive for content creation. Usually monetized content requires growing an audience first, but with APPICS even new users can benefit from the system.

With APPICS you can not only earn income through creating your own posts, but also through “liking” and commenting on the content of other users. When using the “like” function, you don’t give away coins, but instead earn a monetary reward as well. Currently, the curators of social media networks are overlooked and there are no implementation plans that would reward those who spend their time interacting on social media networks.

We want to reward active users who give value to the content creators, by giving back a proportional share of all payouts and distribute it accordingly.

APPICS is a next generation, reward-based social media application that
runs on top of a blockchain and enables people from around the globe to
connect allowing all participants to benefit.
APPICS introduces a new ecosystem that merges lifestyle with generated
income inside a single mobile application. The concept of turning “likes“ into
currency has proven its feasibility and capability, as seen on
with their upvoting system. With full support of and in cooperation with
Steemit Inc., APPICS is one of the first meta-tokens to launch on the Steem
blockchain that aims at eliminating all barriers for the average social media
user to enter the crypto-world.

User Experience first!

The APPICS-team is unlike most cryptocurrency projects, being well-esta-
blished in both worlds, mainstream, as well as crypto. The founders of AP-
PICS happen to be the founders of a global digital marketing agency, and
have been trading, programming and mining cryptocurrencies since 2011.
Finally, they bring their expertise, strategies, tools and global partners to the
crypto-space. The APPICS-team knows what it takes to bridge the gap for
the average person, to enter the crypto-world without prior knowledge and
benefit effortlessly.

Social media has never been more rewarding!

We believe in our mission to return merits back to the user for the time they spend on social media.
Based on a decentralized contribution-reward-system, the APPICS coin
(XAP) is a cryptocurrency and reward-token that returns the value created
via contribution back to the source, namely the creators and curators of the
network. Rewards are attached to “likes“ and by creating or recognizing the
value of content, all participants get a fair share of the reward-pool.
Attention is the asset of all businesses, and social media companies are cur-
rently owning it. APPICS aims at bringing a system to life where the power
doesn’t just come from, but stays within the network.

Cryptocurrency has never been easier!

With the ability to directly turn content into tokens users of APPICS don’t
depend on advertising companies but instead gain instant control over their
influence and income.
Unlike any other popular social media, APPICS presents full transparency via
the blockchain and as a decentralized platform gives people back the cont-
rol over their content, feed, and rewards. In this white paper you are presen-
ted with a revolutionary concept that introduces blockchain technology to a
next-generation social media application.
You can sign up for the ICO here -
Get more info @appics

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