Can’t wait for this song to be done. Hope y’all enjoy this little peep show of it ...

in #appics2 years ago

... as much as me. 😏🎉


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This is talent 🔥🎶🎶

Thanks so much!!

sooooooo dope👊🏼 looking forward to the finished song💪🏻have a great weekend Josh

Thanks man. You too!

Nice flow👌🏼🔥

great style, I like your music, thank you for sharing🙃

Thanks so much! This is very nice to hear!

Cool👌.Can't wait for more😅🔥.

Stay tuned haha

Awesome, man! Hope you could give us more! 🔥🔥

More is on the way hehe. 👌🏾

Thats some dope worj in progress ✌ 😎

Thanks. There’s more coming 👌🏾

That's dope bro! 👊

You’re Sound Rocks 🤘🏽I am a lover of beatbox ;) and music made be apps 😎👍

Thanks man. Maybe you can shoot me a beatbox sometime!

Tooo good! Can't wait for the release of the song and listen to it on my speakers 💯👌

Yeahh great! I will make a post when things are official 👌🏾✨

On the beat! Lhuvit!

Yeahh thanks!