Oh yes there is definitely much more news to come on this, check your news stations as it is Breaking news and just happened .

I added a updated news link to my post over on Steemit with more information that there was 9 people on board including the pilot, all died sadly enough...

Yeah, nine or maybe ten. Yeah, probably nine.

The Sheriff said 8 plus the pilot so 9 in total were on the Manifest.

I hear there was was a fire in the helicopter. I'm not sure what that means and how that started. Not sure if there really was a fire or not but that is what some people say.

Everything is unconfirmed right now because the crash itself caused a fire that was hard to extinguish. It will be quite a while before the full report comes out on exactly what happened.

I thought the fire happened before the crash. Are you sure about what you are saying?