It’s The Independence day of Bangladesh.🇧🇩 On 26th March of 1971, the father of ...

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... the Nation of Bangladesh, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman declared the Independence.
The Bangali People took part in a war to get independent aganist Pakistan . Officially war was started from this day.
Bangladesh gained the Independence through a nine month guerrilla war. Bangladesh won the independence with a short time which is the record. On 16th December 1971 Bangladesh won it. In this war 3 million people was death.
We respectfully remember them & wish to rest in peace. ❤


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Bangladesh is always a great friend of the world

Ya, thank you so much ❤

Wow 3 million people died, so sad...You now have your independence at such a high cost sadly enough... It will be an awesome day when there is no longer any wars, but I dont think I will ever see it...

But truly speaking now here is not independence. The government can't endure something against them. If you express the truth then you have to stay in jail. But goverment hold every sector, judicial, media everythings. That's why none know this. 😟😒

In a way the Government holds all the cards, you cannot win.

Indeen. We all are loser. Goverment f*** us everyday. Nothing to say. If any person of our goverment see this comment then he may arrest me. Can you imagine how independence is alive here? 😧

Wow! No Independence at all...

Hey dear, can we be connected on facebook?

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