Here is a sad story of Bangladeshi aged people. These people are waiting to collect ...

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... a cheque of "Aged Allowance". Where every sector has been digitalized but this process is still analogue. At the last period of life when they can't walk properly, can't sit properly, then they have to wait hours & hours. Their faces were saying a lot of things to the government.
The government say that, every sector has been digitalized but surely I can say, the backward people still not been digitalized because no one thought of them. They will get 500 taka /$ 6.26 only in a month which will be paid three months latter. For collecting the cheque they have to wait minimum 4/5 hours in the office cause at least 1000 person came for this. Can you imagine how they suffer to collect the cheque? After getting the cheque they have to go to the bank to collect money. Where they have to wait more than this office. How possible with this physical conditions?
I wish, if they could get money over their mobile phone or a person who will give the money to their hands! Then these person have not to face the problem. I think the government will take a decision to digitalized this process.
I have more photos of them like this but I can't upload more then one photo that's why I can't show you other photos. Those photos were really heart breaking. 💔


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Wow! That is so heartbreaking, wtf is the matter with the government there, its outrageous and Appaling.


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