pre-voting for Miss November week 47 is ongoing !!!

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Go to dPoll this Link and log in with your steem Account and posting Password to vote who of these beauties should qualify for the Miss November contest next week. Despite showing your Support, you can earn Steem and Beer-Token by just giving your free vote. Have fun and see you.

Your Instagram-models 😘


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It is always clever to put a clickable link in such a kind of a post ;-)

Thank you for your help. I tried to fix it :-)

Hey! It’s great to have you here, however we do not support content where you don’t have the owing rights or permission to use the pictures. You are only allowed to post images of where you can prove to have the permission. In the future you will be able to share content that's not yours, but without receiving rewards for it. Please keep that in mind for your future posts, in order to avoid being flagged! Thanks 🙏🏽

Thank you for your comment. You see the idea behind the contest is to support models here on the steem Blockchain by giving them a bigger audience (mainly by Upvotes and resteems not visible here on Appics). I normaly cite every original Post but it is not possible here on Appics. Please check my Profile on an other Frontend to get a better idea what this account is planned for. For the teaser I am posting here on appics I would say combining several Photos or parts from them into an Collage is a genuine creative act and therefore establishes an alone-standing artwork. Overmore none of the models will be unhappy to get an bigger audience and more Traffic on their accounts as exactly this was their intention posting their pics. I try to establish a service Featuring models and I also give back a big Part of the revenues to the models and for public Relation (bounty, prices). I would love to here from your side how I can run this Service here on Appics without getting flagged or Break any rules.

would it be sufficient to ask for permission in the comment section and get a positive response?