Public transport has been shut down in India from last two weeks to avoid spread ...

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... of Corona virus. India being second populated country in the world, announced the lock down making priority of people health over economy. We have been able to restrict the virus spread to people below ten thousand till now which is a great feat we pulled of despite this much population. In this picture me and my friend getting ready to travel from city where I work to home town. You can the roads were empty and air was so clean. The lock down expected to continue for two more weeks. Hope you all staying in your home and safe.

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How come you were allowed to go on the road? Yes the air is cleaner for sure, Mumbai feels like the himalayas! Haha

Its one week back where one person per vehicle allowed in our state bro. Now its also restricted.

Here it's not allowed at all.

Also in Bangladesh bro 😞

You also try to stay at home bro 😇😇

It is not a good work

So beautiful😦😦

Stay at home and stay safe bro💙💙 Love you..