You don't have the idea about how many times I got freeze, when you came near to ...

in #appicslast year

... me.

I am too much scared that my feelings may push you away and you never come back.

When you smiled at me, I looked down as I knew mine was not such bright.

I know I hurt you with my words,
The dumbest way I got to express my affection for you is with my foolish sarcasm.
At this moment,
I don't even know whether to make
Some more effort to connect with you
Just stand and see you going away.

I hope it's not late and it's not too much to say sorry.
I hate myself now , for ruining this beautiful thing. What I can do for my helplessness?

The way in evening birds get together at nest after flying around,
I wish we join again and remain as before.


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Haha! Stick to bed and dont go outside of home is best noble things now🤣.. Stay safe you to bro🤝

Wow, You are so beautiful... Bro

Looking so beautiful😠

Beautiful look sir😎😎 stay safe✌✌

wow really bro 😋 good look 😎

when you got freeze you looks cool bro 😎😎

Looks good

Looking great 😍😊😊