Aww baklava. Did you try Turkish ? 😋

So yummmyyyy! I got a few shops around my neighborhood and always have to close my eyes passing by

It is so famous in Gaziantep. How many pieces you can eat I don't know but in Gaziantep, you can eat 10 even. I will not be bad for health 🥰

yup, I have had Greek and Turkish. i love them both.

Yummmm! Meeee on a diet again 😂

Oh yes me too! I love baklava 👌🏾

Oooh, yes please! it!..especially when fresh and wet....enjoy...

What's the name of this?

Me too! Om Nom Nom!!

Baklava!!! All day every day! Especially warm and juicy!!!

It looks so tasty 👍

Is it tasty ?

🤩 those look amazing and now I want some too

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