Earn Crypto For Posting, Good Conten or News Information

in #appics9 months ago (edited)

I have started at Chirp, making short posts and sharing links to the latest crypto news. Be active there and share content and get crypto / rewards in the form of tick LNX sidchain eos.

How to get started there, you just open the link that I like below and create your account by using your mobile phone number.

for those who have just seen and read this, immediately open the link below;


look there and start creating your account, and have fun

Make some interesting content and share information, so you will be rewarded with LNX tokens


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Keren bang.
Awal tahun ini, ada proyek bagus apa aja?

Itulah #Chirp buka aja tautan nya dan buat akun,..kemudian post disana

Sudah instal lynx. N create akun.
Tapi coba posting gagal.

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