MY FIRST | real investment still pays off and brings me great joy since years. In ...

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... teenage time some buy a motorcycle or even a car. I bought myself a mountain bike. 2003 I bought the frame and all parts separately, as I had very specific wishes and didn't want to buy a ready made bike from the shop. That's 17 years ago. I bought quality and that pays usually off. Just to throw some brands in here for some of you who know about bike parts. Rotwild, Fox, DT Swiss, Tune, Chris King, Louise, FRM, XTR.
I could not have chosen better 17 years ago🤘🏻


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Lol. Thats nice. Thanks.


Can I meet u on discord, telegram ?

hey there, yes sure. send you a message on telegram yesterday👍🏻

Selbstgebautes Bike 👌🏽 hast ja sogar ein Fully. Fährst du auch Downhill?

selbst gemacht is immer besser😄 so richtig downhill eher nicht, habs zumindest noch nicht probiert. aber freeride die trails runter mit kleinen Sprüngen schon sehr gern. war vor Jahren mal in Slovenien in den Bergen und das war einfach nur der Hammer. Muss unbedingt mal wieder aufgefrischt werden. Vormittag hoch strampeln, dann Mittag auf der Alm und Abfahrt🤘🏻 Kribbelts da bei dir in den Waden?

Da kribbelts richtig in den Waden. Die größten „Berge“ sind hier in der Gegend auf Usedom mit 16 Prozent Gefälle. Die Harztour war bei uns dieses Jahr geplant, bis Corona kam.... 🧐

Wow, you are so right and great example of "You Get What You Pay For" many happy times and memories riding im sure!!

ohhh yes, and more and more to add. have a great Sunday Karen, greetings from over here✌🏻

Good look bro..🙂


Nothing like a good investment!

...and here she was still clean, and then not, and then you needed to shower her 🤣🤣🤣

who doesn't like to play in the mud😂

Owwww, not so sure I do like :)

Nice 👍🏿!! I bought myself also a do called citybike that put together with a friend of mine. That was fun....soon I will ride again in the summer time !

yeaaah🤘🏻always good to know how things work and if it falls apart you know how to blame😂 i enjoyed it as well very much to build it up and to keep it neat🤙🏼

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