MADE THE CUT | finally my hairdresser is open again. Was about time to get a fresh ...

in #appics3 years ago

... haircut especially with temperatures just below 30°C it feels better having it short. Send you sunny greetings from Barcelona. 🤙🏼


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I bet you feel fresher than ever, nice haircut 👌🏾

thanks bro👊🏼ohhh yeah feels good. have a great day

The edges were rough before the haircut, but now it seems trimmed, you're not a fast hair grower. But wow you look good.

Beautiful look...

Cool! Last few years was walking around with long hair and needed elastic bands to pull my hair out of my neck during spring/summer. Now back to short: So comfortable! 🤪

Great pic and great cut, need to share my before and after when I get mine as I’m shaving it all off.

Looking very handsome 😍 have a great day my friend ❤️

Looking good

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