WIREX | not just the most beautiful credit card but as well the most useful. If you ...

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... earn crypto currency with social media, this card comes in handy to buy you a coffee and more from the rewards of your previous posts.
This is how it works👉🏻APX➡️hoo.com🔛APX🔄BTC➡️wirexapp.com🔛BTC🔄EUR➡️☕+🍰


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❣️100%❣️ just got my card some weeks ago 🤟

yeah,🤘🏻and did you tried it already to get a crypto-paid coffee?

hehehe, no, not until now

haven't trued yet, but yes. buying things with money earned on blockchain is amazing🤘🏻

Daft Punk, Kavinsky..nice:))

yeah🤘🏻wasn't there and haven't seen them live but amazing music👌🏻

Nice info friend. I will apply this card for Starbucks.

thank you my friend, hope you have a great weekend. sorry for the late reply, comments and replies didn't work for me the last days🤙🏼

Never tried any types of cards yet. Most of these things are not widely accepted yet here in Canada.

if I remember correct Wirex was abke in Canada.🤘🏻

Do you guys mostly just pay cash?

Usually Bank debit card, cash or credit card.

Love the icon explanation 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Besser als fidor? Wenn ja warum ? 🤓

kannte fidor nicht, musste erstmal nachschauen. nach erstem eindruck wohl nicht sehr unterschiedlich und keine vorteile bei Wirex zu sehen. Wenn du fidor hast lass mal nach n paar monaten vergleich machen. ich hab bisher nur n test mit LTC gemacht. Lief alles reibungslos und hat contactless beim Bäcker funktioniert. Account einrichten und das Zusenden der Karte war super einfach und schnell.

Danke dir ! Ja lass uns definitiv mal demnächst vergleichen 😃

Looks complicated to get APX to spend with this cards 🙃 Question: is crypto to be loaded onto a special account? Making the card a debit card traditional style with the enhancement of supporting crypto? Guess thats a Yes since you state its BTC to EURO. Transfer of BTC is quite expensive though.

hey, sorry for the late reply, last days were hard to send out comments. well, sending BTC is not that expensive with lowest prio. takes ages tho, but i guess we are very spoiled with out 0 fee ans 3sec transaction😂. nect to BTC many other cryptos can be sent to the account and then changed into € inside the app. can give you some better feedback on the use in some time✌🏻

No probs, thanks for your reply. BTC at cards account, something I already was expecting. I wish the card business was already further and supporting direct payment from all

BTC transfers are expensive ? You must be joking. Why cant you use lowest priority, do TX before going to bed, and wait overnight when you are sleeping ?

yep, we are quite spoiled with our 3sec 0fee transaction we are used to here😂

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