GOOD MORNING | from Barcelona. Finally back on the bike and up on Tibitabo for a ...

in #appics3 years ago

... sunrise. Ohhhh I missed that so much.
Wish you a wonderful and energetic day💪🏻


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Have an awesome day! Enjoy the bike ride!

thank you Josh👊🏼have a wknderful day yourself🤙🏼

Damn, all are still closed here. Cant wait to go! Hopefully next week. Have fun!

sorry buddy, my reply is down below🤘🏻

hey man, thanks👊🏼just saw your post, fingers crossed for next week💪🏻

Yess fingers crossed 🤘

Have a great weekend as well. 👍🏻

Endlich! Die letzten 7 Wochen waren wohl hart bei euch 💪🏼

Thats fantastic, Enjoy the sunrise my friend and have a Great Weekend!

Many blessings good brother!

So happy for you that you finally got the chance to go out and MOVE again! 🚲 ☀️

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