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... was the same age as my son is right now. He now playes with the same kind of car like my parents had in real. Just one tiny difference. His toy car is made of metal, the real one from 30 years ago was made of paper.
YES, you read it right.
The Trabant was one of the few cars produced in the GDR and bigger parts like the roof, doors, hood and cladding were made of paper or stronger carton if you want so. Just chassis, frame and mechanics were made of metal. The reasons was simple. Metal was expensive as not many resources available. Paper, made of trees was a safe resource and way less expensive to produce.
After ordering a new Trabant you got it delivered after about 20 years.
YES, you again read that right.
Have a wonderful day.


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Wow 🤩....! The Trabant was a car model series produced by Sachsenring in the GDR from 1958.

thanks for adding this details to the post🙏🏼have a great day bro👊🏼

I’m really fascinated from the story of the GDR. So you’re welcome and have a wonderful day ✨🤩☀️👌🏿

can you believe that? it was when you ordered officially as a normal person. if you had influence to the covernment, it was usually faster. of course the black market with higher prices and less waiting time.

I was born in the good old DDR, too. 😁😎

Always good to learn more

every day☝🏻happy I could contribute something to your knowledge🤙🏼

You always do. I am a huge fan :D

Wow, thats some cool facts my friend!

thanks Karen👏🏻have a wonderful day

Wow! Muy lindo! De colección?

Si verdad...No es de coleccion, es un juguete de mi niño.👊🏼

yep, made in Germany😄greetings

Yesterday I saw one Trabant in my city.

there you go, still driving around👊🏼greetings my friend

Born in the GDR..... wir sind einfach die besten.....


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thank you my friend🙏🏼

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