INVASION | toys all over the apartment, escaped from the kids room weeks ago. Special ...

in #appics3 years ago

... times require special measures and that means to extend the play room throughout the entire apartment.
What's your lock down story?


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Stayhome lifestyle 🤩✨👌🏿

😄 can't wait being over it✌🏻

Great idea! Someone will be really happy about this 😁✨

Tell me, who is the big PawPatrol fan here?😄

Hahaha, oh what joy!! Hope you survive the battle lol!!

Nice paw patrol collection haha

I'm just missing Everest😂

  • I see all kids nowadays seem to LOVE paw patrol 😅😁

it's crazy...they get hooked up so fast. even tho we as parents tried to go with conventional, non branding toys, they pick up the trends everywhere and once they start with it, you have no way out...😂

Nice look


you too✊🏼

Oh boy pawpatrol haha. I am beginning to think it is a Similar story all around the globe 😂

it kid can escape from it..🙄😄

Haha, they are taking over!

and they have no mercy, they take everything😄

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