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... fullest.
With APPICS having it's own token APX, the next SMT is in it's countdown for launch.
On the 10th of May, @dtube will launch the DTC and in yesterday's post ( was the resipient list for the DTC airdrop. I was happy to see that I will be able to add another 6.911 DTC to my overall investment in DTC.
Check the post for more details about the airdrop and have a look at the list to find out how many DTC you will receive.


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I'll buy this sweatshirt too

totally recommend that, great design and high quality👌🏻

the BEST☝🏻really hope we will be able to make the Forum in HH this year🙏🏼

DTuve and Appics are game changers.

💯second that✊🏼

You are awesome bro😎

so are you👊🏼

Looking nice bro 😮


Same. Twinsies

👊🏼😂what abput you leave the head on with your next nude?

Someone have to get naked in here lol

Awesome photo, love the Appics Hoodie! Awesome news, dont go on Dtube much but I will check it out, thanks for the information!

thanks Karen👋🏻have a wonderful day

Hey @hauptmann, this post been upvoted with my voting power, individually calculated here for your account.

🙏🏼thank you

Looking good year...,🤓🤓😎


I got me my dtc too 💪 waiting for the full launch

yeaaaah man me too🙌🏼

Original pick, I like your jacket

thanks Joseph🙏🏼

I will check that post man, good thing about DTC!

🤙🏼just checked for you bro, you will recieve 162 DTC👊🏼see you soon on Dtube as well✊🏼

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