This short video is about my passion for food. I love traveling, and I always curious ...

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... about diversity of food from all over the world.

Clean and luxurious taste of German foods, spicy Masala in India, delicious Nasi Goreng from Bali, unique Tajine in Marrakech, fresh seafood from Spain, Pizza and Spaghetti in Italy which you cannot compare to the other country. Or just eat like Gods in Greek..!

Work hard, play hard ... I have started building a food blog, specifically writing Asian and Indonesian food recipes in German. Once this blog became famous in Germany's blogosphere. You can see my recipes with photos that will make you drool at

One day, there was request from a regional cultural and educational institute (Volkshochschule) in a region where I lived in North Germany, if I could become a lecturer in the field of health and nutrition, because recipes on my blog are healthy food and nutritious, as well as providing cultural information from other countries such as Indonesia and Asia in general. Of course I have welcomed this good offer.

Since then I teach regular cooking course, you can see my schedule on the blog as well.

In 2015 I wrote my first recipe book and currently get 5 stars from Customer review:

I have passion of food, and my passion rewarded. I will continue to travel, and try unique food in every place I will go. I will always develop my expertise in cooking and write this on the blog. My cooking course participants will always be curious about recipes that I teach. And my blog will become more interesting with new recipes.


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Nice one!! Good luck!!! Is not much, but you got my full vote.

Thank you very much 😀