Sausages made in Switzerland (Wurst). We are at Airolo, one of Alps' peaks. At a ...

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... slopes of peak, there is a small-simple-cafe selling various drinks and snacks. This is where we stopped to buy coffee and a portion of Swiss Sausages while our road trip through Alps. While admiring that majestic dramatic mountain panorama..


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..lecker Wurst!..

We also enjoy a variety of sausages here in South Africa. .my favorite is the chilli 😊 abit spicy but flavourful 😋 Enjoy.....great shot 👌

Now I am curious how taste of sausage with chili inside 😋

It is really delicious 😋😊 If you ever make your own...please do try it ...abit of crushed red chilli+garlic+coriander seeds =👌😉

Gotta love the cafe culture in Europe, they’re everywhere and the prices are normally very competitive! 👌🏼

Yes it is. It very convenient and I like it very much.