Switzerland, here we are! Finally we arrived to Switzerland, APPICS' home🤗🤗🤗. ...

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The first impression has really been impressive... Delicious food, beautiful places, beautiful people....

We didn't visit big city, but instead stayed a few days in a beautiful valley in the Alps.

Have you ever eaten Swiss specialties like Rösti or Fondue? Or climbing alpine peaks? Follow our trip on upcoming photos.

APPICS ... i come to your country🤪🤪

Photo note: Believe me, we opened our Cabrio ONLY for photos. The rest is always closed because winter in the Alps is really cold!☺️☺️☺️


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Don’t forget to close the top! 🤩

Haha... yes! It is extrem cold in the Alps

witch montain is this ?

We called it Toblerone peaks lol.... near Airolo

Welcome to Switzerland! 😊🙏

Thank you... vielen Dank 🙏

This looks like an epic adventure! And it’s awesome you are sticking to the more remote areas instead of just the “mega cities” and tourist destinations! I have seen the alps in Austria only, but these look pretty similar!

Yes they look similar but has it own charms. To mega cities? We like it from time to time but we go mostly to unpopular destinations, it’s fun 😀