Almoço com a minha pequena! Uma das maiores felicidades que tenho na vida é saber ...

in #appicslast year

... que essa pitoquinha gosta, e pede para passar mais tempo com o papai!😍

Lunch with my little one! One of the biggest happiness I have in life is knowing that this little princess likes it, and asks to pass more time with me! 😍


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She has to ask you to spend time with her? 😲 How sad that is. I wish you a great time together and a happy Sunday. 💕

She does not live with me. Apart from standard visit dates, some I suggest, others she suggests. Still others, the mother suggests!

Sorry to hear that. The positive part is you will invest time in her and hopefully quality time, which is more as most parents do who see their kids daily. Happy Sunday. 💕

Boa, Guilherme! Tens que aproveitar porque esta fase passa rápido, parabéns pela filha linda ;)

Beautiful you both together. Seems she love you so much and you are a lovely father to her. God bless both of you

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