✨✨Was anyone else hoping to wake up today to find out that 2020 was just history's ...

in #appics2 years ago

... most elaborate April Fool's prank? Just me? That's cool.✨✨
✨✨Well, I know everyone's mother said never to do this but all this time in isolation got me playing with my food. What can I say, I'm a millennial, it's part of the job description to post unrealistic snack expectations. 😜 Besides, quarantine has made snack time a highlight event of everyone's day, you know what I mean? ✨✨
✨✨Speaking of quarantine events, can someone please explain to me the hype around The Tiger King????? Also, who has tried whipped coffee because I keep seeing it all over the place and now I'm getting major FOMO so I might have to give into curiosity on that one.✨✨
✨✨Hope you're staying safe and sane today. Let's hope April is a turning point. 🙏🙌🙈 .✨✨


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