Almost a pushup accident. Bloody nose and black eyes. Perhaps even a jaw break and ...

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... teeth in. Fortunately only almost. Not showing my face to you though. But trust me, it's fine. Or at least the same it was before todays pushups. Pushing up is dangerous.

6,5 toe pushups
9,5 knee pushups
7,5 tricep pushups on knees
4,5 toe pushups
10,5 knee pushups
5,5 toe pushups
6,5 knee pushups

Total: 50,5 pushups!

That's more than yesterday but less toe pushups in a row.


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I was wondering what is with the paper, so good thing you showed it. You did lots today so I would say that is worth an extra long granny nap... maybe till tomorrow or the day after. They say that a person should thoroughly rest the muscles. I tend to agree :) Well done.

Should I make a new challenge paper, not just cross out the old dates? :D

My alarm is set to sevenish because the renovation devils sent a note that said that they would come Thursday or Friday between 7:30 to 15:30 inside the apartment. So I have 5 hours time to sleep. Is that enough? :D

Nope, you will have to find a park bench and go sleep there or maybe a library ... Heck book into a hotel for a day, sleep must be had at costs.

I'm sure, now that I've woken up and that I have my clothes on, they won't come today so I can go back to sleep.

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That's a great idea! I could take a video of all the workout I do, not only pushups, and combine that with the #getinshapechallenge.

Thank you for the tip. :)

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