Early bird gets the worm! It's not often I get up early enough to watch the sun rise, ...

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... but it's always worth it whenever I do. That was especially the case when visiting the Arches National park in Utah during our US roadtrip. Seeing the large red square mountains look like they were on fire was hands down one of the most memorable moments from any of my travels.


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Sunrises are often spectacular 🌅 I wish I was awake more often to witness them 😅 can only Imagine how incredible this rocky landscape must have looked!

They sure are! I've gotten surprisingly good at getting up early since moving to Oslo. I suppose each time you move is another chance to establish the right habits you always wish you had!

Misplaced a comment following a server error... See my other comment to the post which was intended as a reply to you here.

The view was absolutely amazing! This is where I wish Appics had the option to post multiple images in one post similar to Instagram. As I have many more shots from that day worth sharing. I guess I'll have to do another post with just my favourite:)

Cool place to see sunrise 🌅 👍

It sure was stunning!

Oh nice view man. Yea i think more features are coming soon. Thats the talk on with the ambassadors. And yup there very own fix to the recent steem issues. I think they already mentioned it in telegram.

Steem is unfortunately completely dead... I want to stay in touch with as many connections as possiple from it, appics etc, so hope they will find a different solutiom

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