If this HIVE pump continues, then I'm for sure going to buy the car we rented for ...

in #appics4 years ago

... our trip to Death Valley!

While I'm sure most guys would spend their few days in Las Vegas during a roadtrip in the casinos, me and my buddy ditched all that in favour of renting a Corvette and going for a day trip to Death Valley.

Good memories:)


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What is the target price:)

Might do some reading if it rockets again.

Medium term I would say at least 40k Sat given that STEEM had a 65k sat peak the last bull run and 95k in the one before that.

Hey hey hey! Good to see you here sir! Yeah bought some hive as well 2 days ago. Loved how it turnes out.

That car fits you! Go and get it my guy , to the 🌝

Wow, what a great picture. And how much effort you put into this post. Oh and even worth more than my own. Nice double standards!

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