It's that time of the year!🌸 Happy to have bunch of spring-blooming trees in ap ...

in #appics4 years ago

... prorpiate colours all over the apartment complex! It really puts you in a better mood each day😊.

How about you all? Are you able to go out and enjoy the season?


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There it is 📸 so beautiful! Great shot! 🌸 one day I would like to have a cherry blossom tree in my own garden as well!

Hehe, you watched out for it😉.

They really are amazing! And also bring back memories from when I lived in Paris where a large roundabout next to my apartment had no less than 56 (yes, I counted) cherry trees around it in a circle that blossomed at the same time. And also where we would have lunch picnics in front of the Eiffel Tower that was just 5 min walk from work during that time...

It's funny how beautiful things get attached to good memories😊


56 cherry trees in a circle!! WOW 😍 would love to see that during this time of year 😊 and what a beautiful picture of your Picknick in front of the tour Eiffel . Great memories 😌

Now you made me dig through my external hard drive to dig up my old pictures from spring 2017! It was really beautiful :)

Inner circle:

Outer circle:

Wow, thank you! I can only imagine how beautiful that Must be 🌸 and with the water in the middle as well. I’m sure you will return one day 😊

Good job , Well Done !!

Amazing shot! :)

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