Meanwhile in "socialist" Norway, people are out enjoying the sun.🌞😎

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What's that covid thing again? And how's freedom in m'erica?


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I should move to Norway then when everything’s over, dictatorship here in Italy is in full effect 😭😭

It seems Italy simply got unlucky. Most of the instances of covid in Norway came from people who visited Italy and Austria to attend skiing events and related festivals in the Alps.

Luckily, we seem to have contained it well through isolating and treating those who came back from travelling. Now the rate of newly affected people is really low compared to neighbouring countries

You are with too many living close on each other. In most big cities, crowded areas it's a problem. In the Netherlands it started with people returning from.Italy and those celebrating Carnaval with Belgium and Germany.

I don't know, these dudes seem to be enjoying the sun too... The one second from the right might just see his wish fulfilled, tragically.

I assume those are in countries that are currently in lockdown? If the rate of newly diseased is high, then it makes sense to have that.

But in Norway, those rates are really low, and there is no imposed quarantine or lockdown unless you've just arrived from abroad, in which case you'll need to stay home for 2 weeks. Basically the only regulation is to cancel large sporting events and concerts etc. So the people here are not disobeying any laws when out enjoying the sun. Most bars, cafes and restaurants are also open

That was the USA, I deliberately chose a photo with someone parading the American flag to make it obvious. There are people in hotspot areas that are "protesting" the lockdown. Such callous disregard for life is not "freedom"...

In all seriousness, some countries like Norway and Taiwan have done a tremendous job heavily testing those coming from abroad, and quarantining individuals immediately as necessary, all without any majorlockdowns or shutdowns. This should have been the norm for all countries, but sadly, most were too complacent till community transmission spread and it was too late to do anything but a wide scale lockdown.

Withus you can too as long as you keep distance.

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