Another lovely day exploring my new surroundings. One of the first decisions I had ...

in #appics2 years ago

... to make when moving was whether or not I wanted to live in Oslo city centre or somewhere outside closer to work.

As mentioned before, I ended up settling for a smaller town right in the middle called "Lillestrøm". Although just 10 minutes away from the Oslo city centre by the high speed train, it is a very different set of surroundings. While I was having doubts about the trade-off between having work close versus being closer to the city, weekends like these make me happy with the choice that I've made! It's really nice to have these kinds of peaceful and open surroundings within short walking distance rather than cars, people and metros.

Additionally, I have to say that coming from one of the most rainy and windy cities on Earth due to the Atlantic coast, having had nothing but sunshine for the two weeks I've now been here is quite amazing.

While I'm still not yet at ease due to needing to juggle getting into a new and demanding job requiring the second highest NATO security checks while also shopping literally all furniture for the new apartment, I have to say that life so far is great!

Hope you've all had a great weekend too.


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