Don't Worry Be Happy - A Robin Williams Ritual For The Celestial Golden Gate. With ...

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... the recording of the song "Don't Worry Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin, a marvelous day was chosen to create a firework of number symbolism. And no other than Mr. Golden Gate aka Robin Williams, a man who I have shown many times before for his super coded life around the celestial gates.

The song was recorded exactly 44 weeks and 4 days before Robin Williams 38th birthday. Numbers to die for.

38 also equals "Apollyon", king of the bottomless pit, mentioned in the golden ratio verse Revelation 9:11.

On that 38th birthday, Robin Williams was also exactly 13880 days old. The Great Pyramid is 138.8 meters tall. Not important? Well, from the Golden Gate midpoint between 266°-267°, on 2/4/1975, to the September Eleven Attacks are exactly 1388 weeks. And from the Twin Towers opening to the September Eleven Attacks are 10388 days.

The singer Bobby McFerrin was exactly 773 months old on Robin Williams death.

That is a very important double prime number: 773 is the 137 prime number, which is the 33rd prime number. The Master Number 33 is the signature of the freemasons. Given the fact that it was a double prime number and a full month a pretty significant connection.

The song was inspired by Meher Baba, an Indian spiritual master who claimed he was an Avatar — God in human form. He died 45 years, 6 months and 11 days before Robin Williams.

45 is a double number of the Golden Gate in Full Reduction gematria - both forward and backwards (the number of the current 45th president Donald Trump).

And 611 equals both "Robin Williams" as well as "Blood Sacrifice" in the Satanic gematria cipher.

And keep in mind, that Robin Williams had his final Mork and Mindy episode, the show that kick-started his career, exactly 45 years after the Golden Gate Bridge opened. That Robin Williams who died 77 years and 77 days after the opening of the Golden Gate Bridge, 11 months and 11 days before his next birthday, in San Francisco, the city of the Golden Gate Bridge, with his ashes thrown into the Golden Gate Bay. That Robin Williams who got the Waldo Tunnel renamed into Robin Williams Tunnel, with the rainbow MK Ultra symbolism at its entrance just north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

From the recording of the song to the September Eleven Attacks or 9/11 are exactly 13 years or 156 months. Wow! 911 is the 156th prime number.

From the recording of the song to Robin Williams death are exactly 311 months. Bobby McFerrin's birthday is 3/11/1950, who turned biblical 70 years on 3/11/2020, the day the Coronavirus Pandemic was announced, which happened 3 months and 11 days after the first case was reported, which was on the exact 311 months anniversary of Bill and Melinda Gates. Hmm... Gates...

The number of "portal" in Jewish gematria, reversed 113 equaling "gate" in the same cipher.

Well and for the final kick: from the recording of the song to the day, the Golden Gate progressed into the 267° of the ecliptic, an event that happens only every 72 years - for one single degree, are exactly 267 months. Yes, the Golden Gate position, self-reflected in a perfectly round month number. MAGIC!

And remember how that exact day of the 267° is the exact midpoint between 9/11 and the Coronavirus Pandemic, with exactly 111 months in both directions?

Nothing to see here...


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Hope all is well. Good to see you still involved with your passion. Any reason you don't use your original handle and are posting from this apx one?

I wanted to seperate my content but now this is all I am posting about anyways

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