Back To The Future II Day - Linked To The Blood Moon Tetrad Midpoint With Trump's ...

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... Birth Lunation.

Everything Marty McFly and Emmett Brown did over the cause of the three movie trilogy Back To The Future, was coded to the stars and numbers, as it seems.

The 311 and 911 symbolism appears in the movie on multiple layers and both is connected to the Celestial Gates of Isis and Osiris, the Silver and Golden Gate. You can find more about it in my previous posts.
In 2014/15, a rare astrological event occurred, the four blood moon tetrad. All four eclipses fell on holidays in the Hebrew calendar and each time such a tetrad happened, it came with great change for the Jews and for the Moslems. This tetrad had a double Golden Gate symbolism with the numbers of the days from the eclipses to their midpoint. On top of that, on the day of the tetrad midpoint, NASA reported the largest megaflare ever observed from the the galactic center - the Golden Gate.

The Back To The Future II day, where they jump into the actual future, which happened to be 10/21/2015, was 290 days after the tetrad midpoint. In the Jewish gematria cipher, the most important one in my studies, "tetrad" equals 290. And on top of that, Donald Trump, who seems to be heavily coded in that trilogy and even openly inspired the character of Biff Tannen, who attempts to change the future, was born on a blood moon day during the 290th Brown lunation phase. And then, Trump was elected 1 year and 19 days after the Back To The Future II day.


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