Donald Trump And The Back To The Future Trilogy. There is no movie (or rather t ...

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APX Back to the Future II Trump 888 119.jpg

... rilogy) that plays more with time travelling, while at the same time pushes biblical symbolism with 9/11 and Donald Trump in the mix. I strongly suggest everyone to check out the amazing Back to the Future decodes on YouTube. This is some of the most eye-opening things I have ever watched.

Obviously, Donald Trump inspired the character Biff Tannen, who steals the sport almanach and jumps back in time to give it to his younger self and create an alternate 1985. The double speak of these movies is incredible and the rabbit hole about Donald Trump way deeper than it first appears.

The most prominent number of the trilogy is 88, as the Delorean jumps at 88 miles per hour in time. 88 is indeed the number of time and the number of Trump in English ordinal gematria. But the 88 and 888 is hidden everywhere in this magical master piece by Robert Zemeckis.

From Back to the Future II release (on 11/22/1989, the anniversary of the JFK assassination and the day when the Great Pyramid aligns with the Golden Gate), to the Coronavirus pandemic are 30 years and 110 days. Remember all the 311 coding around the pandemic, that I have pointed out before?

From Back to the Future II release day, to the day in the 2015 future, they are jumping to, are exactly 311 months!

From the first movie of the trilogy to the Golden Gate moving into 267° of the ecliptic are exactly 1311 weeks - the number of a "Thirty Third degree Freemason".

From the Back to the Future III release to 9/11 are 11 years and 110 days.

From Back to the Future first Wikipedia entry to the four blood moon tetrad midpoint (with the megaflare at the Golden Gate) are exactly 154 months. (Revelation 9:11 is the 154th verse of the book of Revelation - the golden ratio cut of revelation. World War II started 154 days after the Golden Gate moved into the 266° of the ecliptic.)

And from the Golden Gate Bridge opening to the first Wikipedia entry of the series are 777 months and 7 days. Just wow!

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