Illuminati Founded 244 Years Ago: Satanic Symbolism In The Midst Of The Coronavirus ...

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... Pandemic.

Today, we have more reason than ever to remember the day, when the Bavarian Illuminati were founded, as its symbolism and legacy radiates stronger than ever into the last corners of the physical experience on this planet.

The control tool Wikipedia writes: "On 1 May 1776, Weishaupt and four students formed the Perfectibilists, taking the Owl of Minerva as their symbol. [...] In April 1778, the order became the Illuminatenorden, or Order of Illuminati, after Weishaupt had seriously contemplated the name Bee order."

Although the name came later, it is the founding moment that creates the energy of this group in form of numbers and astrotheology. Similar to the birthday of a person or the founding of a company. At least in theory, it is up to you to decide whether these esoteric believes are indeed real.

Today is the 244th anniversary of the Illuminati founding. This on its own is pretty interesting, because May 1st always leaves 244 days in the year. So the founding energy of the Illuminati carries the 244 number for the past 244 years and finally meets its own vibration.

Even more fascinating is the number in gematria. Using the mystical Jewish cipher, that I have demonstrated in my previous work as a firework of stunning correlations, 244 equals "Satanic".

Now, I am not to say that the Illuminati are indeed satanic or even exist in that form or shape as they did 244 years ago. But they have become somewhat of a symbol for the control grid of ancient mystery initiations, that clearly still exist today and some of them work obviously towards a New World Order.

By the way: The Coronavirus Pandemic was announced exactly 1776 days after the 239th Illuminati anniversary. 239 equals Golden Gate in Jewish gematria and is somewhat a super number for Osiris worship. And 1776 is both the founding of the Illuminati and the USA, is created by 888+888 and is the height of the World Trade Center One, the replacement for the Twin Towers.


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