Tedros Adhanom - The Golden 911 WHO Director From The Bottomless Pit. What crazy ...

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... world do we live in, that all key figures in politics, Hollywood and Music industry are massive astrotheology fireworks? I uncover more mind blowing stuff every day, faster than I can create cool graphics to share with you. But I try to keep up.

We are going back to the director of the World Health Organization, the private club financed by Bill Gates, who has a logo with the flat earth (wtf?) surrounded by a Laurel Wreath (wreath = crown). Yes, that Tedros who was already under criticism long before the Coronavirus pandemic. His track record is long but you can easily find it when you start looking for it.

I have highlighted him before, because he was born 311 months and 3 days after the Golden Gate moved into 266 degrees on the ecliptic. Of course the 3/11 is the pandemic date itself, which came 3 months and 11 days after the first Coronavirus case was recorded.

But it gets better, as it always does in my line of research: He was born 9 years, 11 months and 1 day (9111) before the midpoint of the 266°-267° of the Golden Gate (2/4/1975).

Midpoints are just as important as the actual days of astro events, as we have seen with the four blood moon tetrad midpoint from 2014-15 (which admittedly had a super astro event with its megaflare at the Golden Gate). The Golden Gate midpoint is showing a smaller but still significant relevance.

Revelation 9:11 is the golden ratio cut of the book of Revelation and the verse, where King Abaddon aka Apollyon comes out of the Bottomless Pit.

That is all very fitting for the guy who announced the second 9/11 aka Coronavirus Pandemic exactly 222 months after 9/11, with the Golden Gate 267° as the exact midpoint (111 months after 9/11, 111 months before pandemic). Don't you think?


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