Remember Madonna, who openly practices Kabbalah, which includes number magic? Yes, ...

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... THAT Madonna, who performed last year at the Eurovison Song Contest half-time show a bizarre and dark performance with upside-down crosses, dead people and gas masks.

That Madonna, who calls the Coronavirus "The Great Equalizer" from petal filled bathtub.

That Madonna, who published "God Control" last year on 26/6 (the "sin" number from the Bible and last degree of the Golden Gate of Osiris), where she calls for gun control (just like Eminem with his super coded "Darkness" song, which I have covered before).

That Madonna, who recently posted from Instagram a weird video with a Corona typewriter, just like the super suspicious Tom Hanks recently posted a Corona typewriter as well.

Well, this Madonna mentioned in an interview: “I can see myself in Lady Gaga."

Yes, that Lady Gaga that got famous for more weird stuff than one can count. One of them her meetings with Marina Abramovich, the satanic artist who just had her Microsoft advertisement taken down, due to massive criticism and downvotes.

Anyhow, from Madonna's birth to Lady Gaga's birth are exactly 1441 weeks. (Funny, how often it comes down to perfect weeks and months). Wow, what a number. 14 and 41 are both super interesting but we will leave it at that, as smaller numbers can have many different meanings.

144 is is a very important number in the bible, with the square root 12 as well as the 12th Fibonacci number, and equals "light", "time" and "feminine" in the Jewish gematria cipher, the most mystical one in all my gematria studies.

Its reverse, 441, is also incredible: It has the square root 21, the magic number and created by the magical fable numbers 3x7. And 441 is factorized by 3x3x7x7. But the gematria is stunning, as 441 equals BOTH "Lady Gaga" and "MK Ultra". WTF?

But the ultimate jackpot is the full number of their birth connection: "Satanic Worship" equals 1441. You cannot makes this up...


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