"How To Lie With Statistics" - Shared by Bill Gates on Perfect Pi-Day with Golden ...

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... Gate Numbers.

I am not surprised about the numbers game anymore. At this rate, show me one thing the elites have done in the past and I immediately unveil their number games (whether they are intentional or accidental is up to you to decide).

Billionaire Bill Gates seems to have his entire life coded to play the role of his lifetime - TODAY.

On 3/14/15, the ONLY perfect Pi-Day of the century and a number that is clearly revered among initiates of Astrotheology, Bill gates shared a book on his official blog, using the headline "A guide to number games: How to Lie With Statistics is a great introduction to a crucial topic."

"A guide to number games", hmm? Yes, we are surrounded by number games indeed and this one was no exception.

Besides the perfect Pi-day, this day points with meaningful numbers in all directions, as it is the default for elitist actions. Let's see:

From the day the Golden Gate moved into the "sin" degree of 266° of the ecliptic (3/31/1939), to that post are 911 months and 14 days. 911 wherever we look, the golden ratio cut of the book of Revelation. And 14 is the number of Osiris, Sun God and the ruler of the Golden Gate, who was cut into fourteen pieces by his brother Set. Also, in Greek Reduction gematria, Osiris equals 14.

From the day the Golden Gate moved into the next degree on 267° of the ecliptic (12/11/2010), to that post are exactly 222 weeks. Funny, as the Coronavirus Pandemic was announced exactly 222 months after 9/11 (with the 267° day of the Golden Gate being its EXACT midpoint). 222 also equals "Wuhan Coronavirus" in English Ordinal gematria, as well as "Event Two Zero One" - the Coronavirus Pandemic exercise from the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, that took place a few weeks before the first Coronavirus case was reported.

From the wedding of Bill and Melinda Gates (1/1/1994) to that post are exactly 1106 weeks - or 9011 turned around. Since Leonardo Da Vinci we know about the importance of mirror techniques in occultism and since Aleister Crowley at the latest. (Let's not forget that their wedding was exactly 311 months before the first Coronavirus case was reported on 12/1/2019, which was 3 months and 11 days before the pandemic was announced on 3/11).

From that post to the USA State of Emergency of the Coronavirus Pandemic on 3/13/2020 are 260 weeks and 6 days - a 266 for the "sin" number again. And remember how Pope Francis is the 266th pope who was elected exactly 7 years before the US State of Emergency, on 3/13/13, which is 2/6/6 in prime numbers?

Or how about from that post to Gates' "Event 201" that I have mentioned above? 239 weeks and 6 days, the final day of the Golden Gate week, as 239 equals "Golden Gate" in Jewish gematria AND 23/9 is the 266th day of the year.


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