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... ultimate time traveler and most important pharaoh since Egypt, entered this magical world, he entered it with a bang. I have highlighted his number magic many times before. Today we look specifically on the day of his magical birth.

DJT entered the prison planet reality on 6/14/1946.

614 and 146 - Oh what a number firework. Che Guevara turned 18 years old that day and one year later a UFO crashed somewhere near Roswell (sorry, a weather balloon).

"June Fourteen" equals 1331 in Jewish gematria, one of the most magical numbers out there, because it is 11x11x11 AND includes the "high numbers" 133/331.

But more fascinatingly, 614 is the value of Revelation 9:11, the golden ratio cut of the book of Revelation, which mentions Abaddon aka Apollyon - King of the Bottomless Pit for the first time. How conveniant, as the Don connects to 9/11 with every inch of his existence!

The other way around, 146 gives us so many super important connections with gematria:

Apollyon himself in Greek Isopsephy (with the divine addition of a zero).

And even more biblical: "Snake" and "Apple". Did you know that Apple's Steve Jobs died exactly 266 weeks before Trump's election day? 266 is the "sin" number from the bible and was the position of the Golden Gate during his birth (I talk about it all the time). From Trump's birth to Steve Job's first Wikipedia entry are 662 months and 6 days. 662 is 266 reversed, a technique that Da Vinci used and Aleister Crowley revered in his magic practices. Also, Trump was 23855 days old when Jobs died - 45 days before he turned 23900 days. Both 239 and 45 are numbers of the Golden Gate in gematria. And Steve Jobs was 20677 days old when he died - 267 was (and still is) the position of the Golden Gate at his death - which jumped on that degree only 9 months and 23 (and a half) days earlier. Yet another 923 Golden Gate number. This rabbit hole goes way deeper - as always!

Or how about Bart and Lisa Simpson, who have predicted Trump as president many times before he actually run for office (Matt Groening and The Simpsons are super coded and point with magic numbers in all directions, as I have shown several times before but the rabbit hole goes MUCH deeper).

Or maybe Dracula, also called "Vlad the Impaler", who is directly related to Charles, the "Prince of Wales" (who is openly proud about that).

A very important theme in illuminism is "Enlightenment" through "The Apocalypse".

A huge theme is also coming from "The Economist", the Rothschild owned magazine, that predicted a world currency with its Phoenix cover from 1988 and is generally known for its predictive programming through cover symbolism. "Leonardo Da Vinci" was featured on their 2019 cover, as he turned 567 years (a super coded number, as I have shown many times before) that year, the day Notre Dame burned AND he turned 500 years dead, the life-span of the pheonix.

The whole thing is a massive show, also called "bread and circuses", very well depicted in the most popular TV Show of all times, "Game of Thrones". Remember how the final season was released on Da Vinci's 567th birthday?

I could go on and on with the 146 but I am already way beside my actual topic: Trumps birth lunation phase, specifically his Brown Lunation number. Since 1923, (the year the Golden Gate Bridge was officially planned and 923 being a Golden Gate number, as I have shown in many examples before), every New Moon starts a new Brown Lunation phase, creating a number that counts up. And since the Moon is ultra important in Astrotheology and the moon calendar being equal or more relevant to the Gregorian calendar in that study, these numbers play a big role.

Donald Trump was born in the middle of Brown Lunation 290, on a day of a Full Moon. In fact, it was a total lunar eclipse that day, visible from the Holy Land. Just to be clear: the blood moon happened after his birth, not during, but on the same day.

290 is a special number in gematria:

"Christ" equals 290
"Messianic Age" equals 290
"Sun God" equals 290 (remember Trumps Sun God ceiling in his New York apartement?)
But most importantly, 290 equals "Tetrad" and Trump is super coded to the 2014/15 tetrad, as I will show in my future work.


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When you said, "614 is the value of Revelation 9:11" what did you mean by "the value"?
Is 614 the value in a Gematria cipher, the result of an equation, or what exactly my friend.
Thanks in advance.


Revelation 911 Abaddon Apollyon 614.PNG

For the future, please check my blog on For one, I am posting extra details there, like this graphic above. I cannot do that on Appics, as they only support one graphic per post. And second of all, Steem has sadly become a centralized and controlled platform, which is why HIVE has split away and is now a hardfork blockchain of Steem, with proper decentralization and immutability. Currently, Appics only allows to post to Steem, so I am doing these double posts. Eventually, Appics will open up to HIVE as well, I was told.

Great post. Additionally, you will find this interesting.
With the overwhelming evidence that staggers my mind, I deeply understand that Donald J. Trump is the Revelation Antichrist.
I am a Christian, and this is my understanding about Trump and today's world in light of the overflowing evidence.
Stay safe out there. Time is short!

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